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Awesome game😁

Is there consequences for kissing around in this game (lmao)? Like if I do the nsfw scene with Etienne, then kiss Lux, am I in trouble??

i looooooove it and as soon as i have the money to spare im definetly joining the patreon, but can i ask, will there be more of Etienne troughout the game? 

Thank you so much! There will be more content with Tien in next updates. 😊


I played the first one before the new update for windows, and for some reason this time i can't trigger the kiss with lux after wearing the helmet, was it removed? :( thanks for such a great game

Hello! In this version Lux scene got a bit broken, but i will fix it in next update! 😊


out of curiosity because i just found out about this game and it looks interesting, are you not gonna continue with the mac version? or is it just a little delay for the mac version 0.2? unfortunately i usually use mac for personal use including gaming stuff....

Hello! Sadly for Mac version i need to make build on Mac. I don't have it right now and i don't know when i will be able to resolve this problem, but i will make mac build when i have opportunity!


This game is truly magnificent. I'm in love with the male characters. The 'to be continued' left me speechless and hungry for more. The story is amazing.

Thank you so much 🥰


heck yea about to download and see whats new can't wait for more content


Not sure whenever I posted this already, but I can't open the game at all on android. The bug fix version didn't work.


Hi! Spoiler Alert! 

I am using an android and I don't really know how to open the safe with Lux in the shattered portal moment.... I did all the possible actions but the two of them are trapped. How can I move on? I cannot start the PC and I cannot pick the bottle the teddy bear and the cup of tea... thanks! 


Hello! Did you try to use BugFix1 version? 

On some android devices "Exit to another location" area in the botton is cut off by resolution.

Thanks! Now it is fine👍😊


Can someone help me out here?  I've been stuck trying to find the code in the child's room (Area after you meet the fox lady) but I CANNOT for the life of me figure out what it is


Its 581


Hitting a bug, v0.2 on Android 13; when trying to overwrite a save slot a voice line of MC breathing heavily plays instead of the save happening and the game must be force closed to proceed.

Hello! Thanks for letting me know, i will try to fix in next updates.

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First time playing this since the remake. I think the photolab is glitched or bugged. I don't remember it being so hard to get through the first time. There's only four negatives, and none of the are the right one. Also the nagatives keep piling up in my inventory. I kept trying the same four over and over. I can't find anything else to click on, no hidden fifth negative. I've used the diary, the phone and the laptop, the bed, the glass/bell, and the letters. I remember this being much more straight forward

I found the problem. For now just took 25/7 from the start, don't take other negatives. I will fix it. 


how did you get to that screen what is the keybind

Inventory appears only from version 0.1.2

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I actually played this game a few months ago (I think? Maybe it was weeks…) but I don’t think I ever commented! I love this game- Honestly and I’m stoked for the future updates and such! I think so far Lux is my favourite character ♪(´▽`) Honestly I’m just a queer nerd just floating about lol- Trying to find the motivation to finish projects and not lose a lot of progress (Internal rage and much sad) But I’d definitely say games like these boost my mood when I have no one around to have huggies with hehe (‾◡◝) Anyways- Good luck with your game! It’s really exciting to find well built game plots that draws from common concepts and creates something new and original. Honestly, it’s refreshing!ヽ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ Also I apologize for typing out like a whole-ass essay lol-

さよなら! がんばって-!!!

☆*: .。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆


Thank you so much! (●'◡'●)


This game is a gem! The cast, plot, voice-acting, and music are excellent. I love your art style. What I found especially intriguing was the idea of a "cyberpunked" version of hell. Still, there's one question: Right now, Kay is in a processing phase, trying to understand what happened to him and how to get out of this mess, but, I assume, his character will change over the course of the plot? 


Thank you a lot! Yes, Kay will change  :)


it's just great! Especially the voice that Etienne does!! I just fell in love with him

Tien can't speak french


Absolutely loving this one so far! <3 

Characters are very cute and voice acting was such a nice surprise~ Art is gorgeous and the colorful backgrounds just hit it for me. The details there too, the lil cat paintings, toys etc. Lovely!

I'm absolutely into Etienne and Lux so far, the bad guy(yet a lil gentle) vibes are strong. Really hoping Tien to get rough with our MC, just a huge kink. ;> make that incubus scream..

I'll be sure to support you guys soon on Patreon as well! Keep up the good work!


Overall: 4/5

Story: 3.5/5 

Characters: 4/5

Voice Acting: 4.5/5

Art: 4.5/5  

 GUI: 3.5/5

Music: 4/5  

Sound Design: 4/5

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Hello~ Loving the game so far! ^v^)/

The art is especially gorgeous! Quite an inspiration. I could stare at them forever *v*)b

Artist could definitely benefit from practicing more couple illustrations though, as they feel a bit lower in quality than the sprites and solo CGs. Not an eyesore but they feel a bit out of place in this beautifully illustrated and rendered world, making some of the 18+ scenes feel less like a reward. 

I also would like there to be some more consideration of where the pinups are shown, like the one where Shay was feeling down but we were shown a sexy pic of her from behind. It just feels tone-deaf :) 

But overall, the art is great for a free to play game, so good job ^v^)b

As for characters, MC is a bit too subby and meek for my personal taste ( not to mention overdone in media, anime and m/m works especially ), but I love the little bits of him trying to act tough and suave with the girls. It's adorable. Hoping for more of that in future updates :D

Whilst the story can benefit from a more proactive MC, the characters are great overall. They feel quite well-rounded, further punctuated by the mostly superb voice acting. 

My fave LI is definitely Shay and I hope she won't go full dommy with Kay, lol. I feel the little shy dominance she has in the NSFW scene is endearing and would make her stand out from the rest. I'm also interested in how a relationship with Sky will develop :D

Of course, I'll never be interested in pursuing Lux and Tien ( all the power to those who do! ), but I'm looking forward to the m/m routes where Kay can top throughout. Maybe his little tough act will shine through? Seriously adorable, can't have enough of it, especially that one cute exchange he had with Shay about staying in ^^ <3

And well, he's the overlord now, yea? 

So I'm curious to see how he'll develop as a character. Maybe be more self-assured and only meek with his dom partner(s)? 

That'd be interesting :)

I think a good rule of thumb, when your game is supposed to be targeted for both men and women ( or any gender at this point ), a self-assured MC is the best choice seeing as most men aren't submissive and it risks putting them off (like it did me ). Nothing's wrong with being submissive, but we're talking broad scale and all ^^

I feel women would get a kick out of it as well, with the meekness only there in bed or romantic scenes. This will put an endearing spin to his character instead of risking him being one-note, in my opinion :D

Anyways! All in all, beside my own little nitpicks, this game is great! Highly recommended for anyone who loves high quality visuals, great characters, top-notch voice acting, and rather intriguing storyline~ 

It's free and high quality, so what are you waiting for? Install this game and have fun! ^v^)/

I'll be staying tuned for the next chapter <3


Nameless L.W. of WingedHares


Im at a loss for words, the writing, the voice work, the music, the sound design, the art! its PERFECT!


Hi, there! Probably just a Mac issue but for some reason game switches to Russian while still at the apartment and I don't know how to switch back to English, so I'm stuck... ;-P Looks promising though, congrats! ;-)

Hello! You can save game, go to main menu, switch language and load game.

If you still have problems - join our discord server and someone will help you! ❤️


which characters are romance-able? love the game so much

In 1st chapter: Kali, Shay, Lux, Etienne


Why is our MC such a SUB dude, I can't stand it. Great game though, loving the art, story, voice acting, etc. 

Any routes where MC is a top?


Hello! Thank you for the feedback.

Yes, there will be routes where Kay is top :)


Playing it and looooove it!!!! Everyone is sooo amazing and unpopular opinion here: I love that Lux is top 💯

It is so immersive and I am enjoying it, I just hope there's a transcript at some point cuz it makes it easier for forgetful people like meee hehehe 

I am all up for Kay to be able to vers and all but I really hope if the choices comes to that, that bottoming is available ☺️

I will totally replay this one and will get excited for future updates


yeah it can get kinda hard to play when you accidently press through some important info and can go back to check T^T


Thank you for your feedback! We are working on improving game and fixing bugs. We are not planning to add back button in future, but we are planning to add backlog when we have opportunity and resources to do it.


Thank you so much! ❤️

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Это самая офигенная новелла, в которую я играла *О* Рисовка супер, озвучка просто... просто... я влюблена во всех актеров) Сюжет небанальный и непредсказуемый. Диалоги живые и от них не веет чем-то искусственным и натянутым. Мне реально интересно, что будет дальше. И эта первая новелла, в которой мне хочется поиметь всех мужских персов XD Хорошо, что я инкуб. Надеюсь мне дадут погулять в будущем со всеми. И мне очень жаль, что я ничего не могу задонатить(( Я искренне прошу прощения, но вот конкретно сейчас с деньгами у меня полный кошмар. Но я думаю, что могла бы купить готовый конечный продукт. Только маленькое замечание. Скрин с поцелуем Люкса бы перерисовать. К сожалению на этом скрине главный герой похож на девочку-подростка. У него же лицо не такое.

Спасибо за отзыв! 

Вы можете поделиться ссылкой на проект с друзьями и рассказать о нас :)


is there polyamorous route in this game? They're all very handsome and beautiful I couldn't help it! :'3


Thank you! In future you  will be able to romance all characters same time. 
In first chapter only Tien's and Shay's routes are availible same time.


Thank you for the reply! I can't wait for more update! :)


Please tell me that this will have harem elements to it as far as I can tell this game has just made it to my no.1 spot of favourite games can not wait for future updates and more content 

Hello! Yes, there will be harem elements in future. Thank you so much!


Does MC top or bottom or vers? Great game. Looking forward to next update🤩

Thank you! It depends on route, with Lux he is bottom, with Tien possible vers in future.  Also there will be routes where MC is top.


Wowww! thank u for response. Wanna top lux 😢 but thats ok guess i have to go with tien route🤣

Follow our patreon: 

We will have polls about MC being top/bottom in future updates 😉


Sure! Always support great games🤣


hi, great game so far. 

im stuck at the exorcist part in the beginning of the game. when i try to search for clues on the laptop it says i dont have enough information but ive clicked and looked at everything. When i do the photolab i am met with "wrong negative" and when i got to lux Kay says "I think there are more things to check here.

literally what do i do im stuck

Hello! You need to take right negative from the box one more time! The hint which one is correct is in the diary on the bed.


I enjoyed the game a lot so far. And I am gonna play more when new chapters are there. 

I really like the characters. Their designs are cool and individual; the clothes, the hair, the colores, the details. The design of Lux and Sky are my favorites. Their personalities are interesting and I want to know more about all of them. I also like the art, the voices and the sounds. The quality is so high.

 I had several playthroughs. I can not decide who my favorite character is. I have already way too many favorites.

Thank you for this amazing game.

Thank you so much!


Hi! game is amazing but for some reason it crashed my whole pc after some time playing :(. Great game so far tho 

(1 edit)

Im sorry hope we can fix it in future updates :(


Oh boy, this game is good! First of all,the entire visual just hits me differently from other games I've played... The art is really beautiful and the ambient seems heavy but not in a polluted way. Its colorful and bright but kinda creepy, I like it a lot ;-; 

The characters are beautiful, the design is neat and I am already very interested and curious to know what will happen next lol
The music is great and the voice acting is amazing! Can't wait to see more ~~

Thank you so much! ❤️❤️❤️


I love everything about this game. It's so well made and I can't wait for more!

Thank you so much! ❤️


Loving what I'm seeing so far, but I keep having total PC (Windows) crashes during the encounter with the two men on the train. Did I manage to install it incorrectly, or is this a known issue?

Hello! Never happened before 👀.

Thanks for the feedback, i will check if we can fix it somehow.


I think it may be related to not calling for Lux in that dialogue on the subway. When calling for him, I was able to progress through it just fine. Did seem like a weird bug at the very least!

I managed to get through the rest of it after that perfectly fine and still am absolutely in love with the writing, voice acting, and characters. Stunning work all around!


this game is so amazing, ahhhh. And Lux is >>>

everything about this game is great! The art and the music and the writing… it’s all wonderfully done! Looking forward to buying the game when it’s fully out :)

(2 edits) (+2)

Hello! Thank you so much! ^_^

Our game is free. You can support us on patreon to get early access to the story updates in future and help me to proceed with development or just share link and tell about us to your friends (❁´◡`❁).


Ah, okay! I’ve actually never supported a game on Patreon before, but this would be a perfect time to start :)


Thank you so much! <3

Patrons will get early access to future game updates.

i can't seem to find the application to open the game! T^T I extracted the file but it won't show me the application i know it exists somewhere in my computer but i cant find it!

Hello! Are you sure you downloaded correct version (Windows/Mac)?. It should be in the folder where you unzip archive! (folder probably will have same name).

you should run .exe file with this icon.

I'm having the same problem with the Mac download.  The .exe file to run the game doesn't seem to be there.

Thank you for letting me know, we will check one more time and update file if smth is wrong! You can join our discord server to stay updated.

Try to use the unarchiver to unzip the archive, then it should be okay. We will try to fix this problem.

I actually already tried using the unarchiver.   It said it can't extract  because the archive file is incomplete?

Thanks for the feedback! Im trying to fix this problem.

(1 edit) (+1)

it just does this idk if i'm doing something wrong or if it just my computer T^T

edit: oki nvm i figured it out you have to extract the files into the location it provides you with you cant change it otherwise it mess things up

Try to use the unarchiver to unzip the archive, then it should be okay. We will try to fix this problem.


waiting to play it on the weekend hopefully! 

What i can review is that the artstyle is goooooorgeous so that is a win! 

Looks so interesting and I'll keep following it to see more chapters! 

I can tell I'll be replaying it 😂👍 kudos!

Thank you so much! ╰(*°▽°*)╯

(1 edit)

I never got a cg kiss from lux :(


To get romance with Lux you need:

1. Be interested in guys.

2. Help Kali.

3. No romance with Kali or Shay.

4. Tell to yourself that you miss Lux.


that was really intresting, and voice actors and the music is *chefs kiss* 

im looking forward to more chapters! :D

Thank you so much <3


I very rarely comment on games here, but I can say I'm officially blown away by this game and will probably have quite some playtime in a no time


Thank you <3


Wah, that was an intriguing beginning! Finished it in one sitting which is pretty rare for me with VNs of any kind. Really looking forward to ch2!

Thank you so much! 


I am impressed. I have been following the project for a long time and look forward to its further development. 

The first chapter is so rich, bright, catchy.  Ive no more words.

Before the release, I was skeptical about Kali and Lux, but they intrigued me. Shay and Tien are still in my heart for a long time. 

I would like to dedicate a separate million stars to music and visuals. Very well created atmosphere. The voices and character designs are top notch.  Even some time after passing im embarrassed by hot scenes. *q*

I really look forward to continuing. 

Thank you a lot!

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